Sunday, March 05, 2006

This Ain't The NFL

After my dismal football predictions, it was a bit scary to put my academy award predictions down. However, I would like to note that on the seven categories that I predicted, I was correct on five.

The two categories I missed were best supporting actor and best actor. On supporting actor, I suppose it was wishful thinking that I believed Paul Giamatti would beat George Clooney. Regarding best actor, I really believed the Brokeback boys would take more than one major award. I was also at a disadvantage of being too young to remember Truman Capote, and therefore being somewhat unable to judge how well Philip Seymoure Hoffman portrayed him. Im any event, I predicted a dark horse in the two categories where favorites won.

My wrap-up would include a recommendation for the family friendly March of the Penguins, winner of Best Documentary. For more adult fare I would recommend Walk The Line, featuring Best Actress Reese Witherspoon.


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