Thursday, March 02, 2006

She look So Good Since She Lost All That Weight

Well, it's been 100 days and Celebrity Fit Club is now over. Our gal Kelly LeBrock shared with us the sad story that was her life. A supermodel turned actress, she gorged her self after marrying Steven Seagal as a way to make sure she wouldn't be attractive to b-list martial arts experts anymore. Seagal left her, presumably for a skinnier and younger woman. So Kelly was alone with three kids and a lot of extra pounds. Enter the experts at Celebrity Fit Club.

They repaired her self-esteem and she shrank from 175 lbs to 151 before the last weigh-in. Her final target was a mere 2 lbs. She crushed it, losing 7 to finish at 144, not super-model skinny, but reasonable for a 5' 8" woman in her mid-forties. The best part of the final show was when they asked her how she lost so much weight and she responded that she had a severe case of the flu. All the fitness experts then congratulated her on her successful tactic. You go girl!

Not so impressive was former 227 star Countess Vaughan. Over the 100 days of Celebrity Fit Club, with doctors, dieticians and personal trainers at her ready she managed to gain 4 lbs. You go girl too. Go far, far away where no one will ever see your porky c-list celebrity face again!


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