Monday, March 13, 2006

Top 11 Good Things About Blizzards

11. Laughing at hybrid drivers stuck in the ditch while you drive by in your SUV

10. No need to make up a fake excuse for why you were late for work

9. Watching the local media try to blame the blizzard on global warming

8. Snow covers up all of those ugly brown trees

7. Helps you appreciate spring all the more

6. No need to stop for red lights when you can’t see the stoplights

5. They are quite tasty (Dairy Queen Blizzards)

4. Gives you something to talk to the neighbors about

3. If the blizzard occurs in Minnesota, the national media doesn’t go into hysterics about it

2. Creates ideal cross country skiing conditions – hopefully getting cross country skiers out of our hair for a few days

1. It’s the perfect time for a hot toddy (unless you’ve given up liquor for lent)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of these good things about blizzards are funny and I don't think they are very true.I just think that they are dumb.

12:40 PM  

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