Friday, April 28, 2006

Top 11 Things That Caused Snoop Dogg & Posse To Run Riot At Heathrow Airport

11. Bitterly disappointed that flight over from US was not at all like "Soul Plane"

10. British Airways lounge ran out of Cristal.

9. Airport staff ignored his request to turn the TVs from Fox News to CNN

8. He misunderstood a British fan's request for a fag.

7. Heard that Amy Klobuchar was in town and wanted to make her feel at home.

6. Watching Arsenal-Everton match in airport bar inspired them to a bout of hooligism.

5. Brits kept asking him to sing that "It's hard Out Here For A Pimp" song for them.

4. When they left LA, they were advised by peeps to "keep it real" so they really had no choice.

3. They made the mistake of actually eating English food.

2. They got tired of Bobbies "mean muggin" them.

1. British bartenders refused to add juice to his gin.


Blogger Sisyphus said...

One person too many asked whether he knew Ali G

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