Monday, April 24, 2006

These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Lots of things happened last week worth noting.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 80th birthday last Friday. She has spent 54 years on the throne. And I thought Ramblin' Rhodes had some plumbing problems.

Saturday was the 36th annual Earth Day. Thanks to Earth Day we no longer have any environmental problems! Thank you pinkos!

Today was arguably the best episode of "24" this season. Chloe has some classically funny lines. Spoiler alert: Any hour where a William Devane character dies is a good hour.

Andy Alphabet is making a push to defend his Most Eligible Bachelor title. He's putting his charm on display for all to see. No wonder the ladies can't resist.

Finally, tonight Hugh Hewitt appears on the Colbert Report to plug Painting The Map Red. Let's hope Hugh understands that Stephen Colbert is doing a parody of Bill O'Reilly.


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