Sunday, April 23, 2006

Moonbat Minute

I have been toying with the notion of giving a lefty blogger equal time on NIGP to foster an intelligent and civil debate on the issues of the day. The problem is that I haven't been able to find an intelligent and civil lefty blogger. Nor have I been able to find one who can debate the real world issues with any convincing clarity that would make someone like me (and presumably you, the readers) think twice about my assumptions.

At least that is the case with real world issues like the price of gasoline, the war in Iraq or the economy. However I have found someone who has shaken my assumptions in the fantasy world that is FOX TV's "24." As he requested anonymity, I present the words of Mr. Buck Fush:

I am sick and tired of seeing wing-nut bloggers sport wood at the thought that "24" has some sort of conservative ideological bias. Jack Bauer may have been the primary hero for the run of the show, but one of the major hero's for at least the first four seasons was Democratic President David Palmer (US senator in season 1, POTUS in seasons 2-3 and ex-President in season 4 before his assassination in the opening minutes of season 5). In one first season episode the script clearly showed that Palmer was running for the Democratic nomination. Like the Republican Party would seriously consider nominating a minority anyway (don't give me Condo-Lisa, she won't run).

Likewise, I am sick and tired of seeing posts like this suggest that current President Logan is a Democrat. Logan is a Republican. He was VP until President Keeler was critically injured in season 4. In season 3, Democratic President Palmer debated then Senator Keeler in a 2-man debate.

Further, we've now learned that President Logan, who looks just like Richard Nixon, authorized an enemy's terrorist attack on American soil so that he would have justification to start a war on peaceful Middle Eastern governments. Sound like anyone we know?

I for one am shaken. While I don't buy the last paragraph (except for the resemblance to Nixon), I do believe that a lefty writer might just make a fictional president look bad in hopes of drawing a parallel to the current real world president. Damn you "24!" You are a pinko Hollywood production after all!


Blogger DiscordianStooge said...

Yes. Hollywood lefties like that moonbat Vince Flynn have destroyed "24."

12:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, some of these liberals are really off their bearings when they get heated over fictional presidents. However, I would like to point out that Mike Novak was an advisor for both President's Logan and Palmer--giving the strong indication that they were of the same political party. Either our friend is not getting his facts straight, or 24 left politics ambiguous so as not to turn any people off of the show. It's probably a little bit of both.

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to get a clue...

To simply throw out terms like "Lefty" and "Liberal" is mindless horse-dirt on the brain. And then, to pretend that you know what you are talking about is laughable.

8:40 AM  
Blogger Tracy said...

The star is Kieffer Sutherland!

HELLO! Son of Donald Sutherland.

My wife refuses to watch anything from the Sutherland clan.

1:24 PM  

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