Thursday, April 20, 2006

Killer Rabbit Day XXVII

It seems like only yesterday that it was Killer Rabbit Day XXVI. As you know, on April 20, 1979 President Jimmy Carter, in perhaps one of the most metaphorically rich events in American history, was attacked by a killer rabbit.

This year I've been too busy preparing for the annual Killer Swampee Gala celebration to prepare many posts, but really there have been no new developments since last year when we covered the day properly with song parodies, speculation, limericks, haiku, more haiku, nostalgia, and analysis.

So whether you are at a Killer Rabbit Gala or just at home with your loved ones, don't forget to raise a glass to Killer Swampee and to the man who inexplicably told the press about the attack, President Carter's Press Secretary, Jody Powell.


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