Thursday, August 31, 2006

Top 11 Things Likely To Be Overheard At the Meeting Between Jimmy Carter and Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami

11. “As a matter of fact, I’m considered one of my countries greatest ex-presidents too.”

10. “Well, since you asked so nicely, sure we’ll give up our Nuke program.”

9. “Yeah, that swamp rabbit is pretty scary, but you should see the killer desert rabbits we have back home.”

8. “Sure, I can probably get you Michael Moore’s autograph.”

7. “No, Hugo Chavez likes ME better.”

6. “Sorry about that whole hostage thing.”

5. “Sorry about violating your sovereignty with that ‘Operation Eagle Claw’ thing.”

4. “The next time you’re in Tehran, be sure to drop by for some pie.”

3. “It’s not that I don’t want you in my box during the 2008 Democratic National Convention, it’s just that the Republicans would just blow the whole thing out of proportion.”

2. “If you required your women to wear burkas, you wouldn’t have to worry about lusting in your heart so much.”

1. “What I don’t understand is why you keep saying that Bush is like Hitler as if that were a bad thing.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me guess: Item #10 is being spoken by Jimmah

2:26 PM  
Blogger Tyler Farrer said...

I was going to say a lot of these could be said by either person. Like, either one probably has a direct line to Michael Moore.

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

12. if you need an observer for your next elections, i´m very good validating frauds, ask chavez.

greetings from spain

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Diamond Dog said...

Absolutely brilliant!
No wonder City Pages has awarded NIGP as best blog or whatever it was they awarded you.
You have taken the Letterman idea of Top 10 and turned it on its sorry, bald head in a way that no one ever dared imagine, including Paul Schafer. yeah.
And like Spinal Tap, you've cranked it up to 11.


12:06 AM  

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