Monday, October 24, 2005

Top 11 Quotes You Won't Hear After the Vikings Improbable Victory Over The Packers

The Vikes pulled off a spirited comeback victory against the Packers. Here's some quotes you will not see as a result:

11 - Metrodome Beer Vendors - "Sales were sure slow today. Damned puritanical Wisconsonians!"

10. George Will - "That Vikings game was far more entertaining than the World Series."

9. Paul Edinger - "I felt no pressure. I consistently make important kicks."

8. John Madden - "The Packers could have won if Brett Favre had made better second half decisions!"

7. Zygi Wilf - "What a great victory. Mike Tice, I'm extending your contract!"

6. Mike Tice - "Boy did we get lucky. We actually were able to overcome my coaching incompetence. I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground!"

5. Obnoxious Packer Guy and all other Packer fans- "Congratulations to the Vikings on a game well played!"

4. Dante Culpepper - "I only wish Randy Moss could be here to enjoy this moment."

3. Brett Favre - "Sure the loss is disappointing, but football is only one aspect of my life. What of art? What of literature? What of education? I prefer the intellectual pursuits to the pedestrian pursuit of a football victory."

2. Triumph the Comic Insult Dog and injured Packer Running Back Najeh Davenport (said coincidentally) - "That was a really great football game . . . for me to poop on!"

1. Fred Smoot - "Let's celebrate. I'll line up a boat and some hookers!"


Blogger JB said...

Scott Johnson: "That game was one of the most glorious moments in the history of Western civilization."

9:35 AM  

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