Friday, October 21, 2005

Are You Ready For The Same Old Hackneyed Bit?

Well, last week I went 4-2 with one team spoiling each parlay. This brings my record to 17-19, with a stunning 0-12 in parlays. Some notable items:
  • Despite a stunning last-second loss to USC, it looks like Notre Dame is back among the football elite. The Irish covered, getting 12 points. My bold prediction: in the remainder of the Charlie Weis era, the Irish will never be twelve-point dogs again. Since the Irish will be prohibitive favorites for most of their remaining games, I will eschew including them, as I refuse to lay close to twenty points. For the record, I believe that Saturdays matchup with Brigham Young will decide once and for all which is the true religion, Catholicism or Mormonism.
  • Tyrone Willingham, the mediocre coaching protege of Dennis Green, led his team to three consecutive 31-point losses to USC in his three years as head coach at Notre Dame. Tomorrow, his Washington Huskies face USC. The line: Trojans -30 1/2.
  • My laziness in posting this bit means it's going up as the Chiefs/Dolphins game enters the fourth quarter. I would have taken the Chiefs and the 1 1/2 points, but sportsmanship dictates that I find another game to include, since the Chiefs are now up by seventeen points.
  • Learned Foot is proving to be a far better prognosticator than I am, especially since I have the luxury of choosing my own games and the Foot is stuck with whatever King Banaian tosses his way. However, he is dead wrong about Spinach Gratin, a truly yummy dish.

OK, lets go to this weeks games, courtesy of USA Today's opening line:

Wisconsin -7 1/2 v. Purdue
Louisiana State -6 1/2 v. Auburn
California -11 v. Washington State

Broncos +2 @ Giants
Rams -3 v. Saints
Titans +3 @ Cardinals


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