Monday, February 20, 2006

Nick Coleman's Top 11 Rules For Step Mothers

In Nick Coleman's latest column, he takes to task the latest Midwest heroes ad. His salient point is that one of the gold star parents (parents who lost a child in the war effort) who appears in the ad is really a step mother of the hero. Nick, using his usual leaps of logic, takes this unimportant factoid and extrapolates that the entire ad is a lie.

It is too easy for me to dismiss anything the bitter liberal crank Coleman says. After all, his columns are generally nothing more than partisan hackery. However, Coleman does happen to be an expert in the field of step mothers. His own step mother helped procure him his first professional newspaper job as well as a feature columnist job. He also married a woman who became step mother to his oldest children. Therefore, I present Nick Coleman's top 11 rules for Step Mothers:

11. Cannot actually raise a step child

10. Cannot be proud of step child's accomplishments (especially if child joins military)

9. Cannot use her step child's service in Iraq to justify her support for the war effort

8. Can use her step child's service in Iraq to justify her criticism of the war effort

7. Cannot use her name in a commercial honoring step child's sacrifice

6. Cannot grieve if step child is killed in a war that she and child both support

5. Can lure a father of six to abandon his family (also ok for father of three)

4. Can become pregnant with three children to replace the three that the father left when he abandoned his first family

3. Can defy the American Dental Association's rules for dental hygiene; who does she need to impress anyway

2. Can line up unqualified step child with no professional experience for a cushy job at her newspaper's sister paper

1. Can line up step child for a even cushier job at newspaper where she is editor


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is it with Nick? How can he be so left-winged Batty and not have his employer ask him to "put a cork in it"?

10:29 AM  
Blogger andyw38 said...

I completely disagree with Nick. Is an adopted child any less worthy of a parents love? Just because she is his mother only by legal means, does not make her any less of a mother.

Her son put his country before anything else. I think both the mother and son should be commended for their sacrifices and not ridiculed for standing up for what they believe in. American soldiers are overseas right now risking their lives to protect our country. I am glad that the Midwest Heroes are stepping up to the plate and bringing light to everything good American soldiers are doing in Iraq. They deserve our respect, support, and nothing less.

4:58 PM  
Blogger Alise said...

Nick also says "These cynical ads ignore that. They exploit the fallen and are a disservice to the troops. More than that, they are lies."

Again, I have to strongly disagree with Coleman. Who is this guy? These ads are anything but cynical. They are ads that promote the good work of our men and women in the armed forces. I cannot believe that Coleman would grab at such technicalities as to say that this is a lie because Mrs. Kesterson is Erik's stepmom. She still obviously loves him like he is her own. These are her true words and her true feelings that someone simply cared enough to get out there. So Erik's mom disagrees with his stepmom - she's had her chance to speak and no one criticized her. Let M.J. Kesterson have the same opportunity.

7:29 PM  
Blogger GoldenBear said...

I'd like to ask where Nick comes up with this idea of astro-turfing? These are real people, courageous soldiers, and bold families who are willing to step up to those in the media like Nick. Nick's attempts to trivialize their efforts as some grand conspiracy is ridiculous.

Nick furthermore believe America is divided over the war. Well this is partly due to those in the media such as Mr. Coleman that look to taint the accomplishments of our soldiers and the pride of their families. The American public can't decide what they read in the news. So when the media paints the picture of failures and bombings, of course there will be a sect of Americans who believe that is all that is going on.

Thankfully we have soldiers and families like those in these ads who are willing to step up to the plate and let Americans know that there's more going on in Iraq than the occasional and unfortunate roadside bomb.

9:07 PM  
Blogger Lola said...

Okay, does any one feel like this argument is a reach for Mr. Coleman? Besides the fact that this will enrage thousands of people who have been raised by step-parents and consider them just like a parent, how can you claim that parents of fallen soldiers are "lying." You may disagree with what they have to say, but nothing in the ads is false. These grieving families have every right to honor the memory of their troops in any way they choose - this way gets their voices heard by thousands and I commend the organization that helps them do this by funding the ads. If you're not going to support the message these families are giving, at least show some respect for their position.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Alise said...

Now I understand that Nick has published a third column where he claims his two points were "1)The ads exploit the deaths of soldiers in order to advance the political agenda that led to the unnecessary war in which they fell. And 2) The ads do NOT represent all troops and families". These ads may not represent ALL families - that is obvious by the Cindy Sheehans of the world - but it does represent a lot of families and they have a right to speak out in the same manner that those opposing the war effort do. This is not an exploitation, it is an opportunity for them to speak. I cannot say enough how thankful I am for the Midwest Heroes and PFA for funding their message. You can check out this third column at

11:08 AM  

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