Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Top 11 Names For A New Gopher Football Stadium Acceptable To The DFL

11. The Brokeback Bowl

10. The Hallowed Ground of Wellstone (with dirt for the field shipped in from Eveleth)

9. The PogeDome

8. No Guns Allowed In This Stadium

7. AFSME Field

6. Tax 'n Spend Stadium

5. Unviable Tissue Mass Memorial Field

4. We Hate Lawyers In Paneled Offices Field

3. Sandy Stevens Stadium (sic)

2. Water Mondale's Political Career Memorial Field

1. Dangerous Lifestyle Memorial Stadium


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How old ARE you?!

9:31 PM  
Anonymous MPB said...

Old enough to have watched a game in the old Gopher stadium. Why? How old are YOU!?

3:23 PM  

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