Wednesday, May 03, 2006

An Apology To Commenter Michelle Joy

In the comment thread to this post, I took commenter Michelle Joy to task for suggesting that Windows 98 could run on a computer from 1992. I assumed that Windows 98 required the Pentium processor which was not released until 1993. However, further investigation reveals that Windows 98 can run on the 486/DX processor which was indeed available in 1992. I apologize for questioning Michelle's credibility.

I am somewhat puzzled as to why Michelle did not correct me herself; especially since her other comments show that she is not shy about criticizing us. I can think of only one possible explanation - Michelle assumed that I had the superior technological knowledge because I'm a boy and she's a girl.

Despite what JB Doubtless or Larry Summers may say, girls are every bit as capable as men when it comes to understanding and using computers (in this case, perhaps more capable). Michelle, just because you are a girl, you do not need to defer to boys on all matters technological. Math may be hard, but you can handle it!

Perhaps a Women's Studies class would help your self-esteem.

NOTE: This is an example of how blogs handle corrections differently than the Mainstream Media. This correction actually appears MORE prominently than the original error.

NIHILIST ADDS: I also owe Michelle Joy an apology. After seeing her challenge to Sisyphus, I immediately dispatched an e-mail to Uncle Karl advising that we had a dissent situation that needed crushing. Later, upon seeing that she was indeed correct, I tried to contact the team of jack-booted thugs that he dispatched to sweep her off tp Guantanamo Bay for re-education. However I was unable to make contact. Coincidentally we have not heard from Michelle Joy in some time. File that under oops!


Blogger Margaret said...

I missed that whole thread. I could have told you w'98 could run on a 486 because I actually did that. It was slow and not pretty but it ran. Ask David about how he ran OS2 warp on a 486.

11:48 PM  
Blogger Chad The Elder said...

Yes please do. We're all dying to know.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Michelle Joy said...

Sorry that I have been incommunicado. At the moment, I am terribly busy plotting my escape from Gitmo. I'm sure the military interrogators here will be happy to hear Nihilist's apology and release me forthwith with apologies.

However, I've heard from the other fellas in here that even after admiting their mistakes and apologies have been offered for the brutal beatings, they won't release anyone to their home countries or any other country for fear of persecution by reactionaries and host nation governments. So their are beating us for our own good and protection, as they say...

I keep pleading for them to "Take me to your leader" and they just laugh, saying their leader is busy playing video games and eating pretzels.

"Be happy," they console, "That you are not hunting with Dick."

8:53 PM  

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