Saturday, April 29, 2006

Powerline Style Media Alert IV

There is a strong likelihood that I will be appearing on AM 1280's Patriot Insider with Mark Yost this morning to discuss my review of United 93. If I don't appear this week I will be there next week for sure.

United 93 is a gripping movie, difficult to watch. JB Doubtless may believe that art's purpose is merely to entertain, but this film proves otherwise. It provoked an emotional reaction with me and the rest of the audience, but I can't say I was entertained. At times I was informed, at times reminded, and at times questioned.

Hear more later today (probably).

I was indeed on the show today. Yost made me develop a ratings system that I will be using for future reference. I am using a golf-based system per my monitor. I give United 93 a birdie.


Blogger Kerry said...

Uh negatory Nihilist. That would be a double eagle.

6:15 PM  

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