Saturday, November 26, 2005

Top 11 Changes In Store Now That The Parents Of Sisyphus Have Discovered This Blog

11. Less hooker blogging, more church blogging.

10. Steps will be taken to see that they don’t discover the comments section of The Kool-Aid Report.

9. A Stalinesque cleansing of our archives.

8. A disclaimer at the end of each post: “Sisyphus was, in fact, raised better than this.”

7. Instead of cruelly mocking the Jessica Simpson/Nick Lachey breakup, we will sympathetically recommend counseling.

6. No more mention of the BBJ, at least until jet fuel prices come down a bit.

5. Instead of blogging on “The O.C.” and “The Real World”, I’ll be blogging on HGTV and fishing shows.

4. My more controversial stuff will be under the name Nihilist in Golf Pants since they skip over those posts.

3. No more links to offensive sites, like

2. More Turner, less Courbet in my art blogging.

1. No more coddling Jimmy Carter.


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