Friday, December 02, 2005

Top 11 Things That Should Be Renamed For Paul & Sheila Wellstone

I may be alone among rightie bloggers in thinking that we actually haven't renamed enough things after the late Senator and Mrs. Wellstone. A couple of measly schools don't do justice to their legacy. Some have gone so far as to argue that Sheila Wellstone shouldn't get her name on anything at all, as Paul was the senator and his exploits won fame and notoriety for the Wellstone name. I disagree heartily, after all both were equally effective in passing meaningful legislation to improve America. Here are the top 11 things that should be renamed in their honor:

11. Carleton College should become "Wellstone College".

10. Duluth International Airport should become "Wellstone International Airport".

9. The Olson Memorial Highway should become the "Wellstone Memorial Highway" - first of all, this would piss off David Strom. Secondly, compared to the Wellstones, Floyd Olson is Sean Hannity.
8. Lake Calhoun should become "Lake Wellstone" (this has really been proposed).

7. The new light rail line is still yet to be named. The "Wellstone Line" would reflect their support of public transportation.

6. The Minnesota Vikings have a championship tradition of success similar to the senator's legislative track record. How appropriate it would be to call them the "Minnesota Wellstones".

5. Teachers Union Educate Minnesota would be more truthfully dubbed "Wellstonize Minnesota".

4. A Brother's Touch Bookstore could be renamed "Wellstone's Touch Bookstore," to reflect their appeal to those of alternative lifestyles.

3. I'm sure that Planned Parenthood could rename one of their clinics the "Sheila Wellstone Abortion Clinic." After all, the Wellstones were staunch supporters of a woman's right to choose and fought hard to prevent any husband's right to input on such momentous decisions.

2. Minnesota State Income Tax Form M1 would appropriately reflect the state's tax levels if it were called "Minnesota State Income Tax Form Wellstone1".

1. If the Minneapolis StarTribune changed it's name to the Minneapolis Daily Wellstone, it would more accurately reflect the content of its coverage.


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That new fertilizer plant they're building near Eveleth.

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