Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Top 11 Unfinished Top 11 Lists

Things have been a little slow around here since our big Killer Rabbit Day blow out. That doesn’t mean we haven’t been trying to come up with something, we’ve just been unsuccessful. Here are the Top 11 Top 11 lists we’ve failed to complete for one reason or another. I think you’ll agree, they’re all better left on the cutting room floor.

11. Pamela Anderson Lee’s Top 11 Breast Sizes
10. Top 11 Pick-Up Lines Guaranteed to Work On Molly Ivins
9. Top 11 French Deodorants
8. Benedict XVI’s Top 11 Breakdance Moves
7. Top 11 Air America Advertisers
6. Top 11 Politicians it would be Funny to Pretend to Assassinate
5. Barbara Boxer’s Top 11 Favorite Shiny Objects
4. Top 11 Nick Coleman e-mails to Jay Rosen
3. Deacon’s Top 11 Soccer Posts
2. Top 11 Reasons to [Heart] My Colon
1. Kofi Annan’s Top 11 Favorite Swiss Banks


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