Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Top 11 Reasons the Supreme Court Agreed to Hear Anna Nicole Smith's Lawsuit

Without even waiting for John Roberts to take the Chief Justice spot, the Supremes agreed to hear Anna Nicole Smith's case in her attempt to get a half-billion dollar chunk of her late husband's estate. Here are their reasons for agreeing to hear the case:

11. Thought it would help them prepare for a future case involving liability issues related to silicone breast implants

10. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has a crush on Anna

9. Anthony Kennedy jealous that Ted is the Kennedy who gets all the tail

8. Antonin Scalia wonders if Trimspa could help him too

7. Stephen Breyer was really embarrassed by the movie "The 40 Year-old Virgin," and thinks Anna might just be able to change his luck

6. John Paul Stevens notes that he's almost old enough to be in Anna's prime husband range

5. All justices agree that Anna is more interesting than listening to John Hinderacker

4. Clarence Thomas wants to compare movie reviews with her

3. David Souter has dreamed all his life of seeing a boobie

2. Sandra O'Connor is tired of all the male court members leering at her all day

1. The liberals on the bench wanted to make sure David Boise and Alan Dershowitz aren't the two biggest boobs ever to appear in front of the Supreme Court


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And here they are... Anna Nicole Smith! (paraphrased from Jack Parr?)

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