Sunday, September 18, 2005

Top 11 Worst Coaches in Minnesota Sports History

Everyone is calling for Mike Tice's head after the Vikings latest disgraceful loss. But just where does Iron Mike rank in the pantheon of all-time Minnesota sports futility? Here is my list:

11. Scott Ulger- Twins hitting coach '00s - lower rank because of assistant status. He's really got the boys banging the ball around the park.
10. Frank Quilicy - Twins manager '70's - he took a division winner and made them also ran's.
9. Dan Monson - Gopher basketball '00s - Gopher hoops has become irrelevant under his watch.
8. Sid Lowe - Timberwolves '90s - No players and no clue.
7. Bob Schnelker - Vikings offensive coordinator '80s - Remember when coach Burnsie got mad at the fans because they made Schnelker cry? This guy may have been the all-time worst assistant coach.
6. Jimmy Rodgers - Timberwolves '90s - Main reason for rating this high was his Robert Reid hairdoo, but he consistently lost tons of games too.
5. Cheryl Littlejohn - Gopher women's basketball '90s - Rates low because women's basketball is boring. She took a team that made the NCAA tournament down to one Big 10 win a year. As soon as she was gone they were back in the NCAAs.
4. Joe Salem - Gopher Football '80s - He came in promising Rose Bowls, instead 70 point losses marked the Salem regime.
3. Mike Tice - Vikings '00s - Fortunately, he won't be here much longer than the nice weather.
2. Jim Wacker - Gopher Football '90s - He had all of Lou Holtz's enthusiasm and a defense that gave up 50 points again.
1. Les Steckel - Vikings '85 - A would-be tough guy who knew less about coaching than anyone ever associated with Minnesota sports.


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