Saturday, September 17, 2005

Paul Mirengoff Is Stealing My Bit – And Turnabout Is Fair Play

Paul Mirengoff of Power Line has written a top 10 list on the differences between Hugh Hewitt and Sid Blumenthal. Clearly he is stealing my bit (although he was too lazy to come up with eleven). Out of professional courtesy, I had refrained from soccer blogging. Well, that’s out the window now.

This Monday, my Everton Football Club takes on hated Arsenal at hated Arsenal Stadium. The question is how many of our top hooligans will be able to make the trip. Those who didn’t end up in jail after Thursday’s 5-1 loss at Dinamo Bucharest are still incredibly hung over. Arsenal’s hooligan’s are known for their ability to get drunk quickly. I fear that the Everton lads may have built up too much alcohol resistance. How many more pints will it take for our lads to get inebriated? Without some heroic drinking, I fear that the Everton hooligans face the real possibility of being relegated from the premier pubs.


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