Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Breaking Down the TV

JB takes some time off from his criticism of Bruce Springsteen to chastise me for a glaring omission in my TV roundup from last week:

The best new show is without a doubt the new documentary about Danny Bonaduce on VH1 (Tuesdays at 7 and 7:30 I think). He's totally insane and has no problem letting the entire world know about it. . . Good stuff.

The show is called "Breaking Bonaduce" and JB is correct in his estimate. With the flood of reality shows, it is hard sorting through the crap, but this is a real jewel.

To understand why I like this show, you must first understand why I love good reality TV. At its essence, reality TV is a desperate cry for help from losers who would do anything to become famous. While the desperation of these people is interesting, it is far less so than the desperation of the once famous to regain the love and affection of an audience. That's why I love shows featuring has-beens. "Celebrity Fit Club" is the perfect example. Here you have 8 tubs of lard who want to recapture their glory days. They never had much talent, so now they parade in front of the camera humiliating themselves as they try to lose weight. It's as if they are screaming, "Look at me! Please! I'll let you see my rolls of fat if only you'll look at me!"

BB is a great show along this vein. It stars Danny, his wife and his counselor (possibly a psychologist - they never get too specific). Each week they discuss one of Danny's many problems. The first week it was the fact that he has cheated on his wife. His wife is visibly pissed. Danny blames his cheating on being drugged up and drunk and claims that since he has sobered out, it will stop. Then he takes off for a week alone in Las Vegas. Intense stuff.

In the second show, we learn that he has shifted his obsessive behavior from drugs and booze to working out. In fact he is has become a personal trainer. One look at him shows that this story line has not been falsified. The best part is he's training a bunch of young women, and at least one of them is a porn star. The wife tells him (in front of the shrink) that he better dump the porn star and he agrees. The next week he sees the shrink alone. Shrink asks how the dumping went. Danny is incredulous. He explains that he just told his wife that he would dump the porn star to get said wife off his back. This way everybody wins. Then they show him shooting up on some steroids.

Truly must-see TV.


Anonymous triple_a said...

This guy is nuts. NUTS!!!!

I found myself mistified as to why this guy would act that way in front of a camera that he knew would air what he was doing. I was also amazed to see people really act like that.

Case in point that hollywood and it's leftovers are not worth listening to. But the show is must see!

9:33 PM  

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