Tuesday, September 20, 2005

It's Been a Long Time Since I Mocked The Real World

Frankly, this class of Real Worlders has been pretty boring. Tonight's episode is slightly above average as it features a Real World staple: the arrest of a housemate. Here's a summary to get you caught up on the happenings by character:

Johanna - Drunken Peruvian bimbo - Tonight her part of the show is most entertaining as she gets arrested for stealing a carnation from a street vendor and being drunk and disorderly. Surprisingly, this will not be her most shameful episode of the season. A couple weeks ago, in a drunken stupor, she kissed roommate Big Ugly Wes.
Melinda - Star crossed lover of Danny - She is attractive, but as clingy as a burr on a wool sock. Therefore, she digs her paws in to loser Danny and demands a serious commitment from him, despite the fact that they've known each other for a month. Tonight, for the fifth straight episode she spends the entire show crying because Danny wanted to go out to the bars without her.

Danny - Kid who got his face punched in during episode 1; has affinity for wearing Elmer Fudd style caps and has no butt, but to Melinda he is Prince Charming - He is freaked out by Melinda's rush toward relationship. He obviously wants to break up with her, but fears her psychotic reaction. Spends much of the show reciting meaningless platitudes such as: I love you, I don't want to hurt you, I got that girl's phone number for another roommate.

Big Ugly Wes - Technically he's just called Wes - He doesn't do much tonight, except down 3 shots on the way out of the bar at 2 am and then decides to try to bail Johanna out of jail. Unfortunately he doesn't get what he deserves.

Lacey - Freaky goth virgin - Goes to the jail with a guy Johanna dates and bails her out the morning after her arrest.

Rachel - Chunky Iraq war vet with incredibly low self esteem and the desire to make out with every bar bouncer in town - Mostly hugs Melinda as she blubbers about Danny.

Nehimiah - Angry black kid- This isn't the episode where we explore his anger, so he is pretty much absent.

In other TV news:
- As expected the Emmys were a self-indulgent crapfest
- The second season of Arrested Development kicked off with a decent episode
- Medical drama House attempts to shed the predictable pattern (patient admitted/doctors misdiagnose making patient worse/doctors appear to solve problem/solution backfires patient about to die/Dr. House a breaks rule & saves the day) that each episode followed last year
- The Pilot episode of My Name Is Earl was unspectacular, but could improve
- In a big surprise, the premiere of The Office was moderately funny


Anonymous Doug said...

I kind of liked My Name is Earl, despite trying not to. And after hearing nothing but bad things about the American version of The Office, I saw it last night and kind of liked that too. But I'm still not tuning in to The Real World. Your synopsis is all the Real World I need.

9:21 AM  
Blogger hammerswing75 said...

You're quite correct in saying that last year House had a very predictable writing pattern. In spite of that it was an incredibly good show. If they can deviate from the formula so much the better.

5:55 PM  

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