Friday, September 23, 2005

Announcement: Nihilist In Golf Pants Appoints New Reader’s Rep

Editors Note: Nihilist in Golf Pants is proud to announce the appointment of our new reader’s rep, Sisyphus, who replaces some old guy.

Nihilist in Golf Pants continues to be the only blog that cares enough about its readers to appoint a Reader’s Rep. Sisyphus comes to the job with months of blogging experience and is relatively young. “I consider myself lucky to write for the only blog that cares about its readers. I look forward to addressing the concerns of our readers and helping to make the blog reading experience more enjoyable for all,” said Sisyphus.

(Because he doesn’t want to be excessively bothered by a bunch of whiney complainers, Sisyphus will continue his practice of not publishing his phone number or e-mail address. If you would like to contact the reader’s rep, leave a comment and maybe he will see it.)

Here is Sisyphus’ first reader’s rep post:

Pulling together football picks has got to be the most thankless job in the blogosphere, especially when attempting to pick games against a point spread. I am very proud of the football prognostication picks that have appeared in this blog, although it is true that the Nihilist’s recent picks have produced more angry reader reaction than a JB post on Lileks.

The Nihilist in Golf Pants is one of the hardest working football prognosticators in the blogosphere. It is a shame that he has to suffer the slings and arrows from outraged readers who took his advice. It may be true that his 1-5 performance week one was less than stellar, but even when he rebounded to a very respectable 3-3 many of you complained that you could no longer make money by betting the opposite of his picks. Some of you are intent on criticizing the Nihilist no matter how well he picks!

Hopefully, you will help restore the Nihilist’s self-esteem by nominating him for this Fall’s Rock Solid in the Blogosphere award.


Anonymous Hannah said...

It's about time that Nihilist's excellence is recognized. I consider him to be the football conscience of the Twin Cities. When it comes to his prognosticating, he stands out by getting the job done. The Nihilist is a talented writer and a stalwart picker. He has accomplished so much, and he has so much heart as well. He's a Mozart, a Beethoven -- he's a prodigy.

11:52 AM  

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