Friday, December 23, 2005


I hereby declare a moratorium on any Powerline writer using the headline "Meet The New Boss". Since PL's inception a few years back, Scott himself has probably used this title 23 times in various ways and it's about enough.

Yes, The Who, rock and roll music. We get it. We grew up on the classic rock and I cringe every time I see this phrase. Why not pull some other boomer-era lyrics out of the mothballs once in a while?

Which is why I have come up with a nice Top 11 list for Scott and the boys to use in future posts.

Top 11 Classic Rock Lyrics For Use In Powerline Headlines:

11. "Some stupid with a flare gun" Smoke On The Water--Deep Purple
10. "I like smokin' lightnin'" Born To Be Wild--Steppenwolf
09. "Can't you smell that smell?" The Smell--Lynyrd Skynyrd
08. "Boogie tonight just keep on tokin'" Smokin'--Boston
07. "Give to me your leather" Leather and Lace--Stevie Nicks
06. "You aint seen nothin' til you're down on a muffin" Walk This Way--Aerosmith
05. "You can't catch me, cause the rabbit gone and died" Walk This Way--Aerosmith
04. "Here I come again now baby like a dog in heat" Stranglehold--Ted Nugent
03. "Squeeze my lemon" The Lemon Song--Led Zeppelin
02. "Cause there aint no one for to give you no pain" Horse With No Name--America
01. "I'm goin' up the country baby don't you wanna go?" Goin' Up The Country--Canned Heat


Anonymous Night Writer said...

"Baby we were born to run."

"Here come old flattop."

"I see a bad moon a'rising."

"Taking care of business."

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Eva Young said...

Curious that Scott Johnson (partner of City Pages meltdown of the year award winner John Hinderaker) has never quoted a line by Michele Bachmann.


Read my blog.

9:46 AM  

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