Sunday, January 09, 2005

Top 11 Ways to Console a Despondent Packers Fan

11. Even if Brett Favre does retire, it’s hard to imagine J.T. O’Sullivan throwing more than four interceptions against the Vikings secondary.

10. They can’t take away your 2004 NFC North Division Title.

9. Mike Tice will probably keep his job making it easier to beat the Vikings next year.

8. You still won the season series against the Vikings 2-1.

7. None of your players left the sidelines with two seconds left.

6. No more Najeh Davenport poop jokes until next season.

5. Packers would have had to play their next game at the Georgia Dome and all true Packer fans prefer outdoor football.

4. Only six months until training camp opens.

3. Now no chance that Packer players will be exposed to an immoral Super Bowl halftime show.

2. Maybe the Vikings will make it to the Super Bowl and embarrass themselves again.

1. You can still drink yourself to a stupor on Sunday morning even if the Packers aren’t playing.


Blogger Flash said...


I've E-Mailed this to all my Packer friends. I actually had one reply with a 'Thank You' *laughing*

It's all gravy now!


5:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here are a few more..
1. John Deere logo will match colors and fit over "G" logo on
all Packers fan apparell.
2. Even though the Packers went rotten; Velveeta never does.
3. After loss; styrofoam Cheesehead hats will prevent drowning
4. Farve jerseys 99% off!

Derek Brigham

10:25 AM  

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