Sunday, January 02, 2005

An Open Letter to PowerLine

This morning I sent this letter to PowerLine:

On December 18, 19 and 20 Hindrocket posts made mention that PowerLine received the "Time Magazine Blog of the Year Award." This has been repeated by many in the blogosphere and even adversaries of yours, including Nick Coleman.

However, when I read the article, I found no mention of the term, "Blog of the Year." The table of contents refers to your article as "The Bloggers: Balance of Power," and the title of the article by Lev Grossman is "Blogs Have their Day." In contrast, the piece on "Person of the Year" George W. Bush is referred to in both spots as "Person of the Year." I also checked the "From the Editor" piece, which refers to your feature, but again does not contain the term "Blog of the Year," nor does the inset story on pages 110 and 111.

I recognize that it is possible that Time Magazine presented you with an award, which somehow was not referenced in your feature story. However, since fact checking and credibility can be lost instantly in todays world, I respectfully suggest that you clarify whether your appearance in Time was for a feature story or an award.

"The Nihilist in Golf Pants"

I believe this is a serious situation which could greatly impact PowerLine's credibility. I trust they will step forward to clarify very soon. More to follow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...,8599,1009851,00.html

From the link:

"TIME NAMES ‘POWER LINE’ 2004 BLOG OF THE YEAR . . . New York – “Power Line” ( has been named Blog of the Year by TIME magazine, in this week’s Person of the Year issue."

I would have posted this earlier but to be frank I don't read this blog much and I came here after seeing that there was ways to console a Packer's Fan such as me was posted here.

-Matt Harrington

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