Friday, December 31, 2004

The Bar Has Been Lowered

I've met the Minnesota contingent of PowerLine a couple of times. I have found them to be decent folks, not the sort who go looking for an in-the-mud grudge match with anyone. They generally stand by there convictions, but are not out to destroy the reputation of those who disagree with them. I sense that they are uncomfortable with the highly personal turn of events between themselves and Nick Coleman.

That must be the reason for this post, which credits Coleman for his column today. The Warrior Monk, another thoughtful conservative, also weighs in, crediting Coleman for producing a column that isn't a partisan hit piece.

I feel like I am missing something here. Coleman produces a single column that they don't find objectionable and they go out of their way to sing his praises? Perhaps they feel guilty for the fact that the entire blogosphere has been mocking Coleman all week. Nevertheless, I am shocked that they are tossing boquets this soon. For Pete's sake, Ruben Rosario produces a hundred columns a year of equal quality and no one singles him out for praise. C'mon guys, it's not like you have to roll your R's online.

Editor's note: It appears the Warrior Monk may have reconsidered his position.


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