Monday, January 03, 2005

Yes, We Most Certainly are Good Nihilists

Local blogger Mark Gisleson has blown the lid off the lack of Jesus talk in the blogs of the Christian (so they claim) Northern Alliance. He searched each blog for the word “Jesus” and all but Hugh Hewitt came up lacking.

We here at Nihilist in Golf Pants would love to join in the chortling, but we know that inevitably Mr. Gisleson will turn his gimlet eye on us and ask: “Are they good Nihilists?”

How will we stack up when our blog is searched for the giants of Nihilism? Here’s where we stand today:
Nietzsche – 0 mentions that aren’t references to contributor Fuzzy Nietzsche
Bakunin – 1 quote
Camus – 0 (once in a comment)
Derrida – 4 mentions
Foucault – 1 mention

While we could probably do more to testify to our Nihilism, I’d say that we stack up pretty good. It would be hard to argue that this doesn’t prove that we’re better Nihilists than those Northern Alliance folk are Christians.


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