Saturday, June 09, 2012

Top 11 "Green" Jobs (According to the Obama Administration)

It seems the Obama administration is pretty liberal in their classification of "Green" jobs.  Here are some highlights from the US House Oversight and Government Reform Committee testimony of Bureau of Labor Statistics Acting Commissioner Josh Galvin and Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training Jane Oates.

Here are their top 11 "Green" jobs (* really a green job per Commissioner Galvin):

11. Oil lobbyist *

10. Liberal Blogger

9. Communist Party Official

8. College Professor *

7. Puppeteer (as long as they use recycled materials for the puppets)

6. Obama Money Bundler

5. Drug Dealer (grass is green)

4. Internet Pornographer (saves paper)

3. Head Shop/Record Store Clerk *

2. Actress in a Lifetime network movie about global warming breaking up a marriage

1. Homeless person (as long as they collect soda cans)