Friday, August 06, 2010

Top 11 Most Disturbing Passages in Matt Entenza's Official Web Site Bio

Matt Entenza's campaign web site provides an introduction to the man on it's "Meet Matt" page. After reading through it, I believe most Minnesota will wish they could forget him. Here are the top 11 most disturbing passages.

11) He received a degree in environmental studies with honors.

10) Matt met a local judge who became a trusted mentor and showed him the law could be used to promote equality and social justice.

9) Matt enrolled at the University of Minnesota Law School and worked at the Hennepin County Public Defender's office as a law clerk, where he successfully organized the clerks as an AFSCME branch.

8) Matt balanced his law school studies with being a stay-at-home dad.

7) Matt [was] recruited to work on the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign by a Carleton College professor named Paul Wellstone.

6) Matt felt the need to become more involved in ensuring Minnesota schools remained vital.

5) Matt believes all Minnesotans can enjoy a great future if we work together and embrace a common vision for growing our economy.

4) Matt wants to make sure everyone can access quality, affordable health care and work to create thousands of new jobs through investment in alternative energies like wind and biomass.

3) Matt provided strong, effective leadership during the government shutdown of 2005, even when others urged capitulation to Gov. Tim Pawlenty's extreme agenda.

2) Matt decided to leave the legislature to run for attorney general. In preparation for his campaign, he hired a firm to provide background information on the inner workings of the AG's office.

1) Matt ... is a long-suffering Timberwolves fan.