Monday, November 01, 2010

Top 11 Real Reasons the Vikings Waived Randy Moss

11. Moss had these crazy ideas about throwing the ball to him vertically downfield instead of handing off to Toby Gerhart on consecutive plays

10. Making room on the roster to sign Nick Punto

9. If Moss isn't going to moon Packer fans, he is of no use to the Vikings

8. Heard he was going to vote for Tom Emmer to mess with Vikings plan for a new tax-subsidized stadium

7. Childress feared Moss would distract fans from the excitement of his replay challenges

6. Vikings were worried about Percy Harvin’s self-esteem – other teams weren’t paying attention to him while Moss was in the game

5. Apparently the references the Patriots provided about Moss being a "consummate team player" weren't entirely accurate

4. Childress tired of being pulled over by Minneapolis traffic cops

3. Preparing fans for the T-Jack era by removing any possibility for excitement during games

2. Moss was cutting too much into Greg Lewis' playing time

1. Violated Viking policy by not inappropriately exposing his penis