Sunday, December 04, 2005

Q & A for the Reader’s Rep

I realize that I haven’t been doing much in my roll as Reader’s Rep lately, but the truth is, this blog receives very few complaints and those that we do receive are baseless. Nevertheless, I suppose I should justify my title, so here is my response to some lame reader questions:

Q: Should you be posting the communiqués from Karl Rove? They seem like they should be kept from the liberals.
Hugh H. – Yorba Linda, CA
A: Don’t worry, liberals don’t read this blog.

Q: I don’t read you guys anymore. I only read the Wall Street Journal.
Jordan M. – Watertown, NY
A: It’s because we started occasionally posting photos, isn’t it? I told the Nihilist we should continue to follow the WSJ’s example and shun this new-fangled photography.

Q: Why do you still have Jennifer Garner’s name misspelled as “Jennifer Gardner [sic]” in this post, even though I’ve repeatedly brought the error to your attention. Fix it now!
Jay B. – Rochester, NY
A: I was going to make the correction until I saw how many hits we got from people googling “Jennifer Gardner”. I think that these may be from Ben Affleck, himself. Hi, Ben!

Q: The Nihilist in Golf Pants printed an e-mail from homeless man Leon. How did Leon get the Nihilist’s e-mail address given that you don’t publish your e-mail addresses? The Nihilist in Golf Pants could be the next Jayson Blair!
Fuzzy N. – Woodbury, MN
A: Not at all. Leon knows the Nihilists’s e-mail address because he is an old college friend.

Q: What was da source for dose state by state hooker rankings?
Jesse V. – Cambridge, MA
A: Don't worry Governor, the Nihilist will go to jail to protect our source.

Q: That song “You’re So Vain” is not about you. You were only five when it came out and back then parents kept their children away from pop stars.”
Mom – Tahiti
A: We never make any mistakes here. We stand by our story.

Q: Isn’t this just a blatant rip-off of the Kool-Aid Report’s Frequently Asked Questions bit?
Learned F. – Apple Valley, CA
A: No


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