Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Of His Best Friends Are Nappy Headed Ho's

Now that Barack Obama is in the White House, and the Democrats firmly control Congress, liberal media whiners have no alternative but to turn on their own in search of a more hyper-sensitive politically correct world.

This brings us to the case of USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan. Her columns are typically inane crap that one can easily skip, unless you needed a professional journalist to tell you that Tiger Woods is a competitive guy. Nice scoop, Christine. Sometimes she augments her bland and uninsightful column with whiny crap about how women's sports are under appreciated, underfunded and undervalued.

Tuesday, she took the whining to a new level, criticizing President Obama for failing to waste his valuable time filling out a bracket for the women's NCAA Basketball Tournament (in the insert to the left of the main story). Some excerpts:

. . . Obama is a big men's hoops fan and avid player, but the fact remains there is another top-notch college basketball tournament going on at the same time, and he absolutely should have acknowledged it.

He also should have insisted on saying his bracket was for the "men's NCAA tournament."

Those who don't use that pesky little adjective -- and you know who you are -- are acting as if there's no women's tournament at all, or it's so beneath them, it's not worth mentioning. This is rather silly. It is 2009, after all.

While we're on the subject of adjectives, why do some schools still insist on calling their women's teams "Lady" this or "Lady" that?

Although I am philosophically opposed to President Obama on many things, I will stand beside him in his brazen disrespect of women. The president is likely the busiest man on the face of the earth, even during normal times. President Obama has taken on an agenda more impressive than most of his predecessors. Since taking office, he has worked nearly nonstop on his plans to tank the stock market, devalue the dollar, reignite inflation, destroy America's banking and health care systems, impose regulatory burdens on industry through onerous "cap and trade" legislation, start protectionist trade wars, and reward his contributors with hundreds of billions of dollars of "stimulus." Further, he wants to erode America's power so that terrorist governments like Iran as well as militarized police states like Russia and China can dictate their agendas to the USA.

So excuse me, Christine Brennan, if he doesn't have the time to decide whether the Lady Huskies of UConn can capture another NCAA Women's Basketball title. Give the guy a break!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When Don Imus got fired for using three of the words in the title of this post, then candidate Obama joined the critics in calling for Imus' firing. Blogs then showed candidate Obama yukking it up with rap artist Ludicrisp (sp?) who has performed songs that refer to ho's nappy headed and otherwise. I'm sure now President Obama really gives a damn what some USA Today Becky has to say about his dissing of Womyn's NCAA tourney.

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