Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Top 11 Ways Media Matters Plans to Carry Out "Guerilla War and Sabotage" Against Fox News

11. Create false rumor that Fox News contributor and America's sweetheart, Mary Katharine Ham, is about to get married

10. Secretly place whoopee cushions under all seats on Fox & Friends

9. Assert that Fox is making up stories to make Joe Biden look foolish

8. Demand that Rupert Murdoch produce his birth certificate to prove that he is not a Koch brother

7. Ensure that nobody watches by convincing them to hire Anderson Cooper, Elliott Spitzer, Piers Morgan, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, or Lawrence O'Donnell.

6. Start rumor that Megyn Kelly is actually Helen Thomas' great great grandson

5. Lace Glen Beck's coffee with LSD

4. Poison the minds of the children through new PBS cartoon character Foxy the Nazi

3. Accuse Fox of racism anytime someone on the network says something critical of Woodrow Wilson

2. Release the stuxnet virus into the Fox computer system to slow down their WMD program

1. Hire the homeless to chant "Fox lies" at every live shot


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