Friday, February 25, 2011

Top 11+ Plots For The New Gaddafi Sitcom

A couple of days ago, Chad made the following seemingly unremarkable Tweet:

A gem from the MSNBC piece on the "Flamboyant" Gadhafi: "Visionary or dictator, Gadhafi's quirky style is unique." Oh that quirky Moammar.

A tweetstorm followed that included most of the Fraters/Nihilist crew. To make a long story short, we decided that like Charlie Sheen, Moammar Gaddafi's bad boy persona would draw a lot of viewers to a television sitcom. And since CBS is currently looking for a replacement for Sheen's hit "Two And A Half Men," we thought we'd pitch them a show based on the life of Gaddafi. Our working title is "Oh, That Mo!"

Here are the top eleven+ plots for our new Gaddafi sitcom:

11. Mo must hide the evidence of his torturing of revolutionaries from a visiting UN diplomat or face eviction from the UN Human Rights council

10. It's the wedding anniversary for one of Mo's four wives but he can't remember which one.

9. Revolutionary assassins are after Mo and his wacky neighbor Larry, so they dress as burqa clad chicks and move into a women-only apartment building.

8. Mo must convince a visiting Imam that he and his busty nurse Svetlana are married or face a fatwa.

7. Mo decides to put on a show to raise money for his "charity" (actually a front organization to fund the counter-revolution). After Hosni Mubarack brags that he met Justin Bieber, Mo tries to one-up him by announcing a performance by Rhianna at his charity event -- without first getting her to agree to appear. Mo schemes his way into meeting Rhianna when she just happens to visit Tripoli and she saves the day by agreeing to perform at his show. Rhianna performs "Umbrella" while Mo re-enacts his famous umbrella speech, much to the delight of the audience. Meanwhile, Mo's busty nurse Svetlana is surprised to find herself jealous of the attention Mo is receiving from Rhianna. (guest starring Rihanna).

6f. The Mubarack family challenges the Gaddafi family to a bowling match, with embarrassing consequences for the losers.

6e. Mo prepares to have Svetlana stoned after he overhears a conversation about getting a wart and mistakenly assumes she is pregnant.

6d. Mo dreams up a get-rich quick scheme to fund the counter-revolution.

6c. Mo complains to a neighbor about his barking dog. After the dog goes missing, Mo is falsely accused of being involved. (guest starring Michael Vick).

6b. Mo's assistant creates an international incident when he misunderstands Mo's command for "lunch" as "launch."

6a. When the Obama's come over for dinner, Mo fears the meal won't conform to the nutritional guidelines being promoted by Michelle.

5. Mo attempts to put his foot down when his son Saif announces his intention of auditioning to join the cast of "Jersey Shore". (Guest starring Snooki and The Situation).

4. Mo hits the roof when he mistakenly believes that Saif's new girlfriend is Jewish. (guest starring Kim Khardasian).

3. At an OPEC convention, Mo has trouble with the shower rod in his hotel room. Mahmoud Ahmadinjead attempts to assist. Unfortunately, Grand Ayatollah Khamenei walks into adjoining room and overhears their conversation without knowing the context. With the many references to such things as pulling rods and plugging holes, Khamenei assumes they are having gay sex and sentences them to be stoned.

2. A very special episode as a Taliban-backed drug lord who's financing the counter-revolution pressures Mo to try opium.

1. Mo's son Saif and Gamal Mubarak decide to create a support group for the sons of despotic leaders. (guest starring Ron Reagan Jr.)
-- This would be the pilot so as to increase our chances of getting picked up

We know that this is likely to be a hot commodity as the industry trades have made suggestions that NBC is looking to rip us off by signing deposed Tunisian despot Ben Ali to a buddy comedy based on "The Odd Couple." Their tentative title is "Ali versus Frazier."


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