Monday, February 07, 2011

Top 11 Ways Packer Fans are Celebrating their Super Bowl Victory

11. Forgetting the Miller Lite for a night and celebrating with that case of Milwaukee's Best put away for special occasions

10. Living up to promise to release Ben Roethlisberger's dog unharmed

9. Totally ignoring the far more significant fact that pitchers and catchers report in ten days

8. Calling in sick with a hangover from their shifts at Burger King

7. Forcing wife to wear Clay Matthews wig to bed

6e. Buying a ticket to Egypt to join in with the rioting Egyptian Packer fans

6d. Gloating by telling Vikings fans how they're not gloating

6c. Renouncing their atheism, first proclaimed after Brett Favre left town

6b. Flooding the Franklin Mint with calls about getting a Frank Zombo commemorative plate

6a. Filing papers to legally change their names to Jordy

5. Sending updated mailing address to the Packers so they will know where to send their Co-owner's Super Bowl ring

4. Flooding the Vatican with demands that Aaron Rodgers be canonized immediately

3. Convincing themselves that a bunch of out of town millionaires winning a football game somehow provides meaning and validation in their lives

2. Buying all the Super Bowl XLV crap that the Home Shopping Network can produce

1. Just generally being insufferable


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