Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top 11 Experiments When President Obama Appears on "Mythbusters"

President Barack Obama is scheduled to appear on the December 8 episode of the Discovery Channel's popular show "Mythbusters." The show conducts experiments to determine the truth or falsehood of widely held beliefs, movie and TV representations of science and whatever fun stuff they want to test. Here are the top 11 experiments the President will help conduct:

11. A desperate attempt to prove that Keynesian stimulus works

10. The annoying a-hole with the mustache will hand Obama a bucket of water and then set fire to a Koran to determine his true religion

9. Testing just how badly the Democrats can get spanked in a midterm election

8. Documenting the dangers of lighting farts

7. Investigating whether or not there are in fact 57 states in the United States

6. Proving that since his inauguration the rise of the oceans has slowed and the planet began to heal

5. Explaining how George Bush could have been behind 9/11

4. Investigating just how difficult it is to forge a convincing Hawaiian birth certificate

3. Bringing Joe Biden to test whether Hair Club For Men members can really swim without looking ridiculous (spoiler alert: myth to be busted!)

2. Test how many times Obama has to announce he is against gay marriage before the gays believe him

1. Test whether a guy can be an effective President when he spends all of his time taking vacations, going to ballgames, golfing, visiting burger joints, drinking beer with people who acted stupidly, taking his kids out for ice cream and appearing on a bunch of bad television shows


Blogger smrstrauss said...

Re: "Investigating whether or not there are in fact 57 states in the United States.."

That was a joke. In fact, it is an old joke. It refers to the 57 varieties of Heiz products. My father told me that it was common in the 1930s to say "57" whenever you wanted to say that you had done a large number of things.

1:34 PM  
Blogger smrstrauss said...

Re: "Investigating just how difficult it is to forge a convincing Hawaiian birth certificate."

Answer: A single document can be forged. However, Obama has more than a document. He has both the document and the confirmations by the officials in Hawaii and the governor of Hawaii that the original document in Obama's file says on it that he was born in Hawaii.

If you say that maybe the Obama backers were able to slip a forged document into Obama's files, that is disproven by the fact that Obama's birth announcements appeared in the newspapers in 1961 about ten days after his birth.

Besides, the McCain campaign checked out the allegations of the birth certificate being forged, along with the allegations of birth in Kenya, and found them both false.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Sisyphus said...

I don't know what's more pathetic, believing President Obama was born somewhere other than Hawaii, or knowing as much about the controversy as smrstrauss seems to.

10:44 PM  
Blogger smrstrauss said...

Re: "Knowing."

Glad to hear that you do not believe that Obama was born in Kenya. As for knowing being pathetic, it is simply a hobby. I used to know a lot about different kinds of stamps.

2:02 AM  
Blogger Nihilist in Golf Pants said...

Ok, I hate explaining these things, but this list is a joke. I personally don't believe Obama was born anywhere other than Hawaii.

However, if you took the joke literally, I'm not claiming that he was. If one conducted an experiment to determine how difficult it is to falsify a document, the experiment may prove that it's really bleeping difficult (which would be my guess).

Again, we put these lists out to amuse ourselves and hopefully others. Don't take them too seriously. Except, of course for exposing those bastards at the Hair Club For Men.

2:52 PM  
Blogger smrstrauss said...

Re: "I personally don't believe Obama was born anywhere other than Hawaii."

That is certain.

8:22 AM  
Blogger Sisyphus said...

Okay, smrstrauss, I guess your hobby is no odder than a lot of hobbies.

I'm just saying that it didn't really take an extensive investigation for me to become convinced that Obama was born in Hawaii.

9:05 AM  
Blogger smrstrauss said...

Re: "that it didn't really take an extensive investigation for me to become convinced that Obama was born in Hawaii."

Glad to hear that I have been discussing with someone normal. There are, however, a number of passionate birthers who say that they will not believe that the Obama birth certificate is accurate, and some claim to believe the incredible notion that Obama was born in Kenya.

From my experience this has been driven by a number of professional birther sites, some of which repeat the lie that Obama's Kenyan grandmother said that he was born in Kenya, and others show the "Kenyan birth certificate" that a guy claims to have obtained in Mombassa.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Saint Paul said...

While smrstrauss tries to distract the conversation by debunking the strawmen he created, we must not forget he/she began this thread by claiming Obama was making an anachronistic joke by claiming there are "57" states.

There ain't no way in Hades he was doing that. It's probable he simply misspoke and let his mind wander during another interminable speech. But claiming it was a conscious attempt at humor using a phrase from the 1930s is as delusional and dishonsest as birther claims. Why is smrsstrauss using this site to spread lies?

2:13 PM  
Blogger smrstrauss said...

Regarding the 57 statement.

I agree that minds do wander. But it is unlikely to have been a coincidence that Obama's mind wandered to the number 57, which was used as a metaphor for MANY at the time that I referred to.

But, say that his mind DID wander and that he had made a mistake in his remarks. Then, so what? In what way does that affect his citizenship status? How likely are you to find ANY presidential candidate of either party who had never made a misstatement.

12:22 PM  

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