Thursday, October 14, 2010

Top 11 Reasons President Obama Asked Joe Biden to be his Running Mate Again

11. Believes Joe Biden is the only reason he has not been assassinated by the tea party

10. Just loves annoying Hillary

9. Deep down he doesn't want to be President anymore

8. Michelle doesn't want to have to remove her "Obama + Biden Forever" tattoo

7. Understands that every tragedy needs some comic relief

6. Delaware's 3 electoral votes considered critical for new Democrat 2012 goal of at least doing better than Walter Mondale in 1984

5. Biggest fear: Joe Biden primary challenge

4. Can't afford to alienate the plagiarists with hair plugs community

3. Big misunderstanding, was actually asking him to share his Coffee Mate again

2. Joe knows where to get the best burgers

1. First 173 guys he asked to do it turned him down



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Here, I don't actually consider it is likely to have effect.

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