Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Top 11 Reasons Harry Reid Wants to Outlaw Prostitution in Nevada

11. Wants Nevadans to focus on more wholesome activities like gambling and storing nuclear waste

10. Part of his personal vendetta against Charlie Sheen

9. Sick and tired of that "Cathouse" HBO series

8. Obama asked him to make Nevada compliant with Sharia law

7. Too many girls pointed at him and laughed

6. Doesn't want competition for screwing the voters

5. Hoping to get big campaign contributions from lobbyists looking to repeal the ban

4. Afraid that all of the fleeing Democrat legislators will end up in Nevada

3. Easier to get freebies if he can threaten to have them arrested

2. Wants to make sure the NBA All Star Game is never held in Las Vegas again

1. He just saw Godfather Part 2


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