Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Top 11 Redundant Federal Teacher Programs

In this post, Chad references the fact that the General Accounting Office has identified hundreds of redundant Federal programs that could be targeted for budget savings. I was personally shocked to learn that there are 82 different programs to improve teacher quality. Here are my top 11 favorite Federal Teacher Improvement Programs referenced in the report. See if you can guess which program names are fake. I'll post the answers later this week.

11. Even Start
10. Teachers For A Competitive Tomorrow
9. Cooperation Over Competition Grants
8. Teacher Quality Partnership Grants
7. Improving Teacher Quality State Grants
6. School Improvement Grants
5. Transition To Teaching
4. Teaching Teachers To Teach
3. Teach For America
2. No Teacher Left Behind
1. Troops to Teachers

And the answer is #9, #4, and #2


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