Thursday, January 21, 2010

Scott Baio is 47 and Racist

Scott Baio recently received death threats for his latest Twitter post where he accused Barack Obama of waking up each morning to something that resembles the love child of the title character from "Predator" and Aunt Esther from "Sanford and Son":

As you may remember, Baio sat next to Lady Margaret Thatcher at Ronald Reagan's funeral. I think that means the racism charges of him are likely untrue. It's not like he was ever a grand wizard in West Virginia.

Since when is calling someone ugly racist? I can see if he was calling Tyra Banks or Halle Berry ugly. Unfortunately, the beast on the wing of that famous "Twilight Zone" episode is objectively better looking than that picture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seperated at birth: Michele Obama and the Salt-eating monster from one of the first episodes of StarTrek

12:21 PM  

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