Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Top 11 Things Senate Democrats Got The American People For Christmas Besides Government Run Health Care

11. A bowling ball with Harry Reid's name inscribed on it

10. Government issued fruitcake

9. Spoken word CD of the Communist Manifesto as read by Bernie Saunders

8. A can of Simoniz

7. A personalized insult from Chuck Schumer

6. A label maker

5. Brand new statues of Robert Byrd for every yard

4. Gift certificate for free federally funded abortion

3. Al Franken Senate chair whoopee cushion

2. Constitution toilet paper

1. Gift certificate for one free colonoscopy at your nearest government health clinic


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Blogger A NON Y Mouse said...

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1:57 AM  
Blogger A NON Y Mouse said...

12.) 2) THE OBAMA CHANNEL!....all Obama 24/7!

It offers EVERY Obama TV. appearance and speech on demand!

With EXCLUSIVE Television shows such as:

•Newspeak -all the latest news on the State of the Country

•Bo Cam -see what Bo is doing, when he takes a
shit,how he takes a shit, what he eats. The white
house from a dog's perspective.

•O's House - the Obama Girls very own reality series.

•First Lady Fashionista-see the latest outfits

- A Non Y Mouse Michelle Obama dons, Where you can find the latest Inagural dress knockoffs and wide belts.

2:02 AM  

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