Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Top 11 Suggested Titles for Levi Johnston's Upcoming Autobiography

11) Going Commando: An American Life Without Underwear

10) Going Condomless

9) The Audacity of Knocking Up Sarah Palin’s Daughter

8) Yes I Can Reproduce!

7) 100 Girls I'd Like to Pork

6) Son in Law (with foreword by Paulie Shore)

5) Mommie-in-Law Dearest

4) She Burned the Turkey Tetrazzini and Other True Stories of Sarah Palin

3) My Collected, Published Letters to Penthouse Forum

2) Stay in the Lines: My Life As A Children's Coloring Book

1) Douchebag: An American Life


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Thanks For Sharing me these all points these all are helpful for Games.


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