Friday, October 09, 2009

Top 11 Accomplishments that Won President Obama the Nobel Peace Prize

11. His election lowered the incidence of hate-filled profanity-laced rants on liberal blogs by over 75%

10. He was responsible for Rio being awarded the first South American Olympics

9. His domestic policies have reduced the income gap between the world’s richest country and the third world

8. His brave inaction over corrupt Iranian elections prevented any possibility of an unpeaceful revolt to overthrow mullahs

7. Instead of whacking Killer Swamp Rabbits with paddles, he has opened dialogues with them

6. He sent back the bust of noted war monger Winston Churchill

5. He convinced Brett Favre to join the Vikings and thus brought together Vikings and Packers fans

4. Kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House

3. He developed high yielding drought and disease resistant grains that fed billions of people (oops, that’s Norman Borlaug’s accomplishment that won him the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize)

2. He created a lot of peace between the time he took office (January 20) and the deadline for Peace Prize nominations (February 1)

1. Never has anyone done more to bring Independents and Republicans together


Anonymous MFB said...

Won a coin toss with the other Peace Prize finalist, an inanimate carbon rod

His feckless diplomacy and appeasement have allowed dictators around the world to sleep peacefully at night.

He talks like really good

He entered a newspaper trivia contest which asked for the name of the Lone Ranger's nephew's horse

12:33 PM  
Blogger Dusty Lens said...

I puzzled about his accomplishments to earn this Nobel Peace Prize.

5:20 PM  

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