Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Top 11 Insults of the President Allowed by the House of Representatives

The Democrats controlling the House Rules committee have come out with guidelines for members on which insults of the President are and are not allowed.

Here are the top 11 allowed insults:

11. Twin Tower demolisher

10. Dangerous right wing neocon extremist hate monger who wants to slow the growth in federal spending on sorghum subsidies.

9. You make racists angry

8. You ‘re too sexy for that shirt

7. Dude, you got beat up by an effing bunny rabbit?

6. You're a tightwad

5. Tea bagger

4. Boob czar

3. The entire series of "your mama's so ugly..." insults

2. You’re less deserving of a Video Music Award than Beyonce

1. You are a moronic whore, who pretended to birth your underage daughter's baby!