Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Top 11 Reasons President Obama Appeared On David Letterman Last Night

11. Has narrowed it down to Letterman and Al Franken for Rape Joke Czar

10. Considering Larry Bud Melman as new Green Jobs Czar

9. Worried that his health care plan wasn't getting enough exposure in the media

8. He'll go on any show that isn't on Fox

7. Wanted to announce new initiative for Joe Biden during Stupid Pet Tricks

6. He felt that the Sunday news shows weren't quite sycophantic enough

5. Owed CBS an exclusive, but didn't want the indignity of having to submit to an interview with Katie Couric

4. Thought securing just one more millionaire celebrity endorsement for socialized medicine would finally convince the American people

3. Figured that an audience that still thinks Letterman is funny would believe anything

2. Vaguely remembers Letterman as being funny from when he was in college

1. Hoping to hear a few new jokes about knocking up Sarah Palin's underage daughter