Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Top 11 Possible New Names If Rush Limbaugh Buys the St. Louis Rams

11. St. Louis Hate

10. St. Louis Rush

9. The St. Louis Hey-Did-You-Hear-He-Was-Briefly-Addicted-to-Oxycontins

8. St. Louis Snerdleys

7. Excellence in St. Louis Football

6. St. Louis Drivebys

5. St. Louis Dittoheads

4. St. Louis Shock Jocks

3. St. Louis Angry White Men (could impact their on field performance)

2. St. Louis Magic Negroes (that's what the LA Times called him)

1. St. Louis Lewinskys (team colors blue and white)


Blogger John F Not Kerry said...

The St. Louis Long-Haired Maggot-Infested Dope-Smoking Plastic-Banana Good Time Rock-'n-Roller FM Types

10:29 PM  

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