Friday, July 17, 2009

Top 11 Things Hugh Hewitt Really Was Doing In Kosovo

11. Taping some ads for his new sponsor, Roger Schlesinger's Sharia Mortgage Minute

10. Trying to recruit a ringer for his trivia team so he can finally beat the Fraters

9. Wanted a close-up look at a war Paul Wellstone supported

8. Conducting research his new book "Painting Pristina Red"

7. Hugh now has more vacation time than there are non-war zone vacation spots

6. Checking the conditions at a Dockers sweatshop there

5. Compiling evidence that the results in 2007 Kosovar Assembly elections are a good sign for Mitt Romney's chances for President in 2012

4. Interviewing the low cost replacement for Generalissimo Duane, Vizier Vojin

3. On a fundraising mission for a bankrupt, dysfunctional government: California's

2. Just driving along the coast, or walking by himself along the Kopaonik Trail, or something, no big deal

1. Secretly trying out for a spot on the Kosovar snowmobile team for the 2010 Winter Olympics


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