Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nihilist Fantasy Meets Reality

From the Nihilist in Golf Pants, June 21, 2008 - Top 11 Items in the Star Tribune Plan to Exit Bankruptcy:

10) Start a new section devoted exclusively to news about Brett Favre joining the Vikings

Star Tribune announcement, July 13, 208:

With anticipation building for Brett Favre's formal arrival in Minnesota, the local media is making preparations for the event. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has launched a "Brett Favre Page," devoted to the man who is widely expected to play quarterback for the local team in 2009.

I supposed we should be flattered. And wondering where our check is for consultant services. In reality, we're even more pessimistic about their future. When they're stealing ideas from the Nihilst in Golf Pants, you know they're in trouble.


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