Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Top 11 Potential Problems Leading to Fourth of July Embassy Party Invitations to the Iranians Being Rescinded

11) Long beards constantly dangling in the potato salad

10) After watching fireworks, Iranians begin long range bottle rocket development program

9) Singing of "America the Beautiful" interrupted with chants of "Death to America"

8) Horseshoes tournament ends with fatwa being declared against winning team

7) Flags meant for waving used for burning

6) Everyone drinking from the keg would be stoned (literally)

5) Ted Kennedy shows up drunk; feels up mullah's wife

4) Embassy cake decorators having a difficult time fitting "We're sorry for the many sins of our evil imperialist government" on an 11" X 15" cake

3) Worried about Iranians being exposed to the anti-American views of Obama appointees

2) Taliban crash the party sarcastically asking if their invitation got lost in the mail

1) All Americans present taken hostage for 444 days


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